Quality Residential Pest Control For Tennessee & Mississippi Homes & Properties

If you live in the Greater Memphis Metro area, you can count on us at Proven Pest Management for effective residential pest control services. Since our founding in 2005, our goal here at Proven has been to become the most trusted pest control company in our area and offer the best prices for our customers. Today, our experienced technicians use the latest pest control methods available to keep Tennessee and Mississippi homes free of pests. To meet all your pest control needs, we offer three levels of pest protection.

Our Residential Pest Protection Plans

At Proven Pest Management, we offer a variety of different residential pest control services to meet the needs of homeowners throughout the greater Memphis area. From cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, termites, rodents, and a wide range of other common pest invaders, we can provide the quality services needed to solve your pest problems. We offer both one-time treatments and year-round pest protection with our monthly and quarterly pest control plans.

When you partner with us, one of our experienced technicians will visit your home and perform a thorough inspection of your home and property to determine which pests you’re dealing with and provide a suggested treatment plan to eliminate your current pest problem and prevent future infestations.

One-Time Pest Control Treatments

If you find that your home is under attack by a specific pest, you may benefit from our one-time treatment option. These treatments are often recommended for pests like bed bugs, black widow spiders, brown recluse spiders, fleas, ticks, wasps, and yellow jackets. In addition, our one-time pest control plans include a 30-day warranty for the pest covered under our service and can be added to either the quarterly or monthly pest control plans to add coverage for specific pests.

Monthly Pest Control

Our monthly pest control plans are primarily offered for our commercial customers, however, some residential customers may still choose to go with our monthly plan. This plan provides the highest level of pest protection that we offer and includes coverage for a wide variety of common pests including ants, fleas, German cockroaches, and ticks.

Quarterly Pest Control Treatments

Our quarterly pest control plans are our most commonly purchased pest control service. These quarterly pest control treatments work to protect you from the most common pest pressures found here in Tennessee and Mississippi. If you enroll in our quarterly pest control plan for your home and property and experience problems involving the pests covered under our quarterly plans in between our regularly scheduled visits, we’ll return to re-treat your property at no additional charge. In fact, it’s our guarantee!

Our Additional Service Offerings

Professional Mosquito Abatement

Unfortunately, mosquitoes love the climate in our area and often drive people inside with their itchy, disease-spreading bites all year long! At Proven Pest Management, we can treat your lawn between the months of April and October to reduce the number of mosquitoes found living and breeding in your yard.

Quality Termite Control & Prevention

Here in the U.S., termites cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage to homes every year, and you may not even be aware they’re hiding in your home!
At Proven Pest Management, our termite control program includes:

  • Termite inspections and treatments
  • Repairs to termite-damaged wood
  • A one-year service guarantee

When you invest in this service, our licensed pest control technicians will thoroughly inspect your home and property to determine if you have a current termite infestation or evidence of termite damage then provide the services needed to eliminate any existing colonies on your property and prevent any new termite activity from occurring.

The Proven Price-Match Guarantee!

Regardless of the type of pest protection plan you choose, you will receive our Proven Price Match Guarantee, meaning we’ll match the written estimate from any other licensed pest management company to ensure that you’re getting the best possible service at the most affordable price! To get started with our services today, reach out to us!

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