Why You Should Call The Professionals About Your Tennessee Property’s Mosquito Control Needs

When people think of dangerous pests they often think of gators or poisonous snakes. But the world’s most dangerous pest is not nearly as imposing and is also far more common. We’re talking about mosquitoes, and they can be active all year long in warm climates like ours. Knowing how to spot them and prevent them on your property may just save lives.

Mosquito Dangers & Traits

With their long noses and buzzing wings, mosquitoes are a common nuisance to have buzzing around the air, especially as the weather warms up. But Mosquitoes are more than just a bug to swat away — they pose some serious health risks.
Because they are parasitic pests, feeding off of the blood of the animals they land on, mosquitoes are legendary spreaders of disease. Here are just some of the health risks associated with mosquitoes:
Pandemics: Some of the worst outbreaks in human history have been attributed to mosquitoes, including the most recent Ebola outbreak.
Animal sickness: Mosquitoes spread parasites and diseases from bloodstream to bloodstream, which doesn’t just include people. Parasites normally unique to dogs and horses can easily be introduced onto your property from mosquitoes.
Proliferation: Because they pose such health risks, controlling mosquito populations in areas of famine and disease is a global concern. Since they can reproduce quickly, a mosquito infestation in high-contact areas can quickly aid the spread of sickness.

Mosquito Prevention For Your Property

Their bites are serious stuff, not just an itchy annoyance, but you’re probably more concerned with what you can do to keep mosquitoes off of your property. The following are easy and important steps to take to stay protected:
Landscaping: All kinds of flying insects, including wasps and mosquitoes, look for shaded areas to rest and wait for food to come along. Reducing harborage points by keeping grass trimmed and limbs/bushes cut back to manageable lengths will benefit your yard.
Nets & Screens: While you can’t put a net around your whole yard, you can protect outdoor seating areas, and the entryways into your home or business, with screens and nets that will keep mosquitoes out.
Lawn treatments: Professional solutions are the most effective way to eliminate mosquitoes from your property and to keep them away year-round.

Our Effective Mosquito Control Program

With so many resources out there hawking unproven or temporary solutions, it’s only natural to want some guarantees for your hard-earned money. At Proven Pest Management, we put it right in the name: Proven. Our solutions work, and it’s because of our ongoing and persistent protection of your property that we have such a sterling track record.
At Proven Pest Management, you can count on the following steps for effective mosquito control:

  • Free inspection: Whether you’ve already got an infestation or not, we’ll send a trained expert to your property to evaluate your mosquito population and what can be done to eliminate or prevent them from becoming a problem. Our quotes are offered free of charge, so you know exactly what you’ll pay before you pay it.
  • Initial Service: Once hired, we get to work protecting your property from pests of all kinds. Our back-mounted misters can reach all the tough spots and will drive out pests without harming your plants. Our one-time service comes with a 30-day warranty.
  • Ongoing treatment: To truly keep pests away year-round, we offer repeat treatments and frequent inspections, to make sure that all the pests you are paying us to prevent are indeed gone and staying gone.

Contact Us Today

With mosquitoes, it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry. You don’t want to risk introducing dangerous pathogens and parasites onto your property, carried on the infected wings of mosquitoes. For even more prevention tips, or to get started on your free inspection today, contact Proven Pest Management right away.