Why Homeowners Insurance Will Not Cover Termite Damage In Collierville

Would you buy an umbrella that has holes in it? How about a front door for your home that doesn’t come with a lock? Our guess is that you generally avoid investing in things that don’t protect you as they should, or at least get extra protection knowing you are not fully covered. Something you may not be aware of is that homeowners insurance comes with a few holes itself. One of these holes is that it does not cover termite damage. This raises a few major concerns.

What Are Termites?

Before we get into why homeowner insurance does not cover damage from these destructive pests, let’s first talk about what termites are to help you better understand the threats they pose to your home. Termites are social insects by nature and can be found in colonies. They are separated into three castes: workers, soldiers, and reproductives. Workers are the smallest and most common breed of termites and can be identified by their cream-colored, elongated, ant-like bodies. These are the termites you will most likely see crawling out of the wood of your home.

Why Termites Are Called “Silent Invaders”

When termites invade the wood of your home they do so in a secretive manner. In fact, they are so good at going unnoticed that many homeowners that have termites under their roofs don’t notice for months, and sometimes even years. By the time they do notice, the damage that termites have done to the internal structural wood of their home is beyond repair. This is usually the point when homeowners reach out to their home insurance provider and get the bad news.

Most Insurance Providers Don’t Cover Termite Damage

Upon calling their home insurance provider, homeowners often learn about a shocking hidden clause in the terms and conditions they signed, which states that their insurance does not cover “preventable damage”. You see, because termites are not an uncontrollable disaster and can be treated with pest control, home insurance providers do not offer coverage for the damage they inflict on your home. Instead, they expect you as a homeowner to invest in your own termite protection.
Here at Proven Pest Management, part of our job is informing our community about the above fact, so we can get people like you the protection against termites that your Collierville home needs. To find out what our termite protection would look like for your home, feel free to give us a call. We are confident that we have a solution that will adequately fit your needs.