How To Prevent The Return Of Spring Mosquitoes In Tennessee

Have you ever wished that mosquitoes would just give you a break? It is safe to assume that anyone who has had to deal with mosquitoes has at least once in their life wished they didn’t exist. But they do. And each year without fail they return to bite us and ruin perfectly good days outside. With mosquito season upon us, it can be easy to lose a little hope of reprieve, but don’t worry as we just may have a solution for you!

Why Mosquitoes Will Be Swarming Soon

Mosquitoes are seasonal pests here in Tennessee. When the weather starts to cool down in fall, some female mosquitoes will seek shelter from the coming cold weather where they will remain until the warmth of spring. Other female mosquitoes will instead lay their eggs in stagnant water and then die. These eggs will remain preserved until the weather begins to heat back up, usually around this time of year. The good news is that mosquito populations will not reach their peak until the hottest months of summer. This gives you as a homeowner a chance now to protect your home before it is too late.

Simple Steps You Can Take To Limit The Risk Of Mosquitoes On Your Property

Mosquitoes are at the same time easy and difficult to deal with on your property. Considering the fact that mosquitoes cannot land very well when there is even a light breeze, you could install fans around outdoor lounging areas. However, seeing as it is irrational to install fans around your entire property, this is not a full fix to the mosquito problem.

Another thing you can do to reduce mosquitoes on your property is looking for those stagnant sources of water where they laid their eggs. Eliminating these sources can help keep mosquito populations down on your property. But again, this is not always an easy fix. If you have neighbors nearby, or stagnant water sources that you cannot eliminate such as ponds, large bird baths, or decorative pools, mosquitoes will still be able to breed and cause you trouble. Don’t lose hope just yet. We still have one more solution for you, and this one has been proven not to fail.

Why Call Proven For Your Mosquito Abatement Needs?

When it comes to excluding mosquitoes away from properties, no one does a better job than Proven Pest Management. All you have to do is give us a call and we will send one of our qualified pest technicians your way asap. They will use a long-lasting mosquito abatement solution that is designed to hurt mosquitoes but not you or your pets. In addition, they will also treat ponds, ornamental pools, and other areas of water that cannot be removed to ensure mosquitoes have nowhere to lay their eggs. Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your summer, let the experts here at Proven Pest Management help today!