How long are termites active in Collierville, Tennessee?

Maybe you’ve had termite problems in the past. Maybe you’ve only seen the damage a termite infestation can do, or you’ve witnessed the bugs themselves in action. Maybe you’ve simply heard the name and nothing more. None the less, it’s time to take the next step to keep them out of your house and away from your property. You need to be aware that keeping termites out of your house is a year-round process. Here is some more information about when termites are most active and how to keep them from moving into your home.

Termites in Tennessee

There are a few different species of termites. In the United States, the most common kinds are dry wood termites and subterranean termites. You may also encounter damp wood termites and Formosan termites. Each is similar in that they are attracted to cellulose, often found in wood. Many termites, such as subterranean termites, will build underground nests outside. They will then find a pathway into your home and travel daily to get food from the wood in your home.

Termite Season

Termites are similar to many other bugs, in that their season can last from April to October when the weather is warmer. Termites love humidity and moisture, so they are active whenever temperatures are warm and damp. Summer is the most active season for termites. During the peak months of summer, they may be looking to relocate their colony. They may be entering your home in order to build a nest inside, or they may simply be searching for food before they settle in nearby. If termites are living in, or near, your home, they will be a problem all year long. The colder months of winter will slow termite activity. However, in Collierville and the rest of Tennessee, winters are not always cold enough to stop termites. They can easily survive winter by camping out in your house where they will find temperature control and plenty of food.

Best Time for Termite Prevention

Because termites can survive year-round, you need to keep an eye out for their presence all year. In spring and early summer, watch for swarmer termites. These are flying termites that scout out food and locations for the nest. You may see their dead bodies, or perhaps only their shed wings, in windowsills. If you see swarmers or other signs of termites, call for help right away. Be vigilant throughout the summer. As we approach the end of summer, you’ll want to keep termites from relocating to a new nest even closer to your home. If you are concerned that you have a termite colony living nearby, reach out for help controlling them.

Pest Control Services

Here at Proven Pest Management, we have the experience necessary to stop your termite problem. We have proven experience in the field, dealing with many different kinds of pest. When it comes to termites, Proven Pest Management will complete a thorough treatment to eliminate the danger of a termite infestation. With a personal inspection, you can be sure that our treatment is fitted to your situation. We use baiting traps and other products to ensure that your home is safe. After Proven Pest Management is finished, termites will feel like nothing more than a myth.