Benefits Of Professional Ant Control In Tennessee And Mississippi

Ants are an ever-present pest for North American households. While residents are preparing for summer in the southeast, these little nuisances are getting ready for their most active season.  
Rainfall and high temperatures are nature’s alarm clocks for ants, pushing them from their nests to search for food. Ants don’t scavenge during the winter, so need to come out in full force to restock food supplies for the coming winter, making them impossible to avoid during the summer months.  
Here in Tennessee and Northern Mississippi, there are three distinct ant species. Fire ants are the most notorious, known for their painful bite and bright-red body color. These pests create large mounds in sunny areas of your lawn and will act aggressively when threatened. After biting into their targets, they inject painful venom into the skin leaving the victim with open sores or pustules that can take several days to heal. 
Odorous house ants are another common sight. Named for their musky, rotten scent when crushed, these home invaders have a sweet tooth leading them directly to your kitchen. Nests that support thousands of scavengers at once may appear both in and out of doors. If you own a home in the southeast, you will more than likely spot an ant or two scurrying across your counter.
Pharaoh ants are, by far, the most dangerous species. They are small, light yellow insects that can carry deadly diseases. These ants are about 1/16 of an inch long from head to abdomen, with a fancy for protein-heavy foods. Twice a year, pharaoh ants engage in a behavior known as budding; sending out several small groups of drones, workers, and queens to establish new colonies. These abundant nests can pose a severe threat to healthcare professionals when treating bite victims, as pharaoh ants are known to spread diseases such as dysentery and salmonellosis, both of which can be fatal.
As the weather improves, ants begin their summer conquest of Tennessee and Mississippi properties and households. Many people assume that DIY strategies for pest control can stop the steady rise of ant infestations in their homes and lawns. However, many DIY methods are only partially helpful and can be ineffective in their extermination.

DIY versus Professional Ant Control

The benefits of professional control for ants over DIY methods are clear. Many DIY treatments will only cause ant populations to grow, forcing colonies to bud off at a more rapid pace. Substances like ant bait or consumer-grade pesticides are known to encourage the spread of dangerous species such as pharaoh ants.  
Keeping your yard maintained to deter these pests from squatting on your property may not necessarily work. Clean kitchens and sealed containers of food may only provide an obstacle to the hungry ants, not stop them. Infestations arise from all conditions and will continue to worsen until adequately treated.  
Some DIY methods such as the use of vinegar and borax have limited results and do not destroy colonies entirely. Vinegar will only temporarily disrupt ant scent trails, leaving large colonies unscathed and your home protected for just a short while. DIY methods do not offer adequate protection from ants.

The Proven Difference

Ants are a numerous and complicated pest to exterminate. If left untreated, they will multiply yearly and continue to spread through your home and lawn. Aside from the unsightly yards these pests create, ants may cause physical harm. The potent venom injected from bites may lead to pustules, scarring, severe disease, and in some cases, death. Don’t let sub-par methods of ant control put you and your property at risk. Experience the Proven difference contact our professional team to schedule your free pest quote and learn more about what your pest control options are. Serving Tennessee and Northern Mississippi for over fifteen years with insight, integrity, and incredible service, Proven Pest Management works hard to protect you and your property
Proven Pest Management uses pest elimination methods to control the spread of fire, odorous, and pharaoh ants on hundreds of properties across our service area. We offer several different types of pest protection plans, including one-time, monthly, and quarterly visits from our Proven team professionals. 
We strive to provide each one of our customers with the peace of mind that comes with living in a pest-free home. Give us a call today for your free quote and to take the next step toward protecting your home from ant infestations. At Proven Pest Management, we kill with skill.