Are You Ready For Termite Season In Tennessee? Here’s How To Tell

For homeowners in Tennessee, there are many pests that one might have to deal with at some point. Luckily, many pests are mostly just a nuisance. However, some pests cause big problems for homeowners because they either pose health risks or cause structural damage.

When it comes to structural damage, termites are one of the most dreaded pests. These small insects can cause a great deal of damage to your home and costs you a lot of money. They can also be a rather difficult pest to get rid of, and often they’ve already been hard at work eating through the wood in your home before you even notice a problem.

Unfortunately, termites are a pest that is active all year. However, termite season is the time from around March to the end of fall when termites are more likely to be seen. This is because this is the time when they leave their colonies in search of places to create new nests. During these months, termites send out their termite swarmers. Swarmers are the members of the termite caste system that reproduce and find new places to live.

Termite swarmers can be identified by:

  • Their long, translucent wings that are larger than their bodies.
  • An appearance similar to flying ants but with pinched waists.
  • The fact they are usually black or red in color.

How Destructive Can Termites Be?

Termites can obviously be destructive and do a lot of damage to our homes, but you might be wondering just how much damage they can do. On average, termite infestations cost each homeowner around $3,000 in repairs and around $30 million in total each year across the country.

Termites can cause damage to many areas and parts of your home including:

  • Structural support beams
  • Plywood
  • Ceilings
  • Drywall
  • Flooring
  • Walls
  • Furniture

The other concern with termites is that they are often hard to identify. You might not even notice that you have an infestation at all. So, while the termite colony grows and eats through the wood in your home, you may have no idea. Termite swarmers are often the first and most visible sign that you have an infestation. During termite season you are more likely to be able to tell if you’re dealing with termites.

How To Prevent Termites

While termite swarmers are usually the most visible and obvious sign, there are other things you can look out for to check for termites. You can look over your home and property for these signs:

  • Discolored drywall
  • Peeling paint that has a similar appearance to water damage
  • Floorboards that buckle or squeak a lot
  • Tiny holes in the drywall

If you notice any of these signs or notice that you have signs of termite swarmers inside of your home, you probably have an infestation. It’s best to contact pest control professionals like the team at Proven Pest Management.

However, if you notice signs of termite swarmers outside, there is likely still time to prevent them from coming indoors.

Here Are Some Prevention Tips

  • Removing things like tree stumps, wood debris, and decaying wood from your yard and property.
  • Keeping firewood at least 30 feet away from the outside of your house.
  • Reducing excess moisture by fixing pipes and faucets that are leaking.
  • Implementing a soil barrier between the soil and the foundation for your home.

How To Remove An Infestation

Preventing termites and removing them can be really hard to do on your own. If you notice any signs of termites on your property, including discarded wings or the sight of termite swarmers themselves, it’s best to get professional help. The team at Proven Pest Management can help you prevent termites before they become an issue as well as eliminate them if you have an infestation.