Wildlife Removal

armadilloResidents of the greater Memphis, Tennessee area sometimes experience problems with animals invading their homes. If you have pest animals that have taken up residence inside of your home or business, it is important for you to get rid of them. Wildlife pests may cause significant damage to your home or business, and they can also endanger your health and peace of mind. The presence of animals in businesses may also cause reputational harm. The professional wildlife removal team at Proven Pest Management can help you to identify the species with which you are dealing and then help you to remove them and to secure your building so that they cannot come back.


Excellent climbers, squirrels often invade the attics of homes. Squirrels may be attracted to attic spaces in order to gain protection from the weather. Once they have invaded your attic, they may build nests and be difficult to remove. Squirrels can chew on drywall, insulation and wiring. When they chew on wires in your home, they may cause electrical shorts and fires. If you hear squirrels in your attic, you will need to remove them and then seal up the entry points correctly. If you seal up the entry points before all of the squirrels are removed, they may move into the rest of your home or into your walls. It is best for you to get professional help to remove squirrels from your home.


If you see a snake in your home, you should assume that there are more that are present and hiding. Snake removal services can help to find all of the snakes that might be present and to safely remove them. You will then want to seal up the areas through which the snakes gained access to your home so that new ones don't come inside.


Armadillos can destroy your lawn, and they can also burrow under your sidewalks and foundation, causing cracks because of the tunnels that they build. These animals uproot plants and cause other unsightly damage to lawns. They are animals that wander, so if you are able to make your lawn unattractive to them, they will move on. Proven Pest Management can help to identify the areas of damage and to use repellents to make your lawn unattractive to armadillos.


Most people don't want skunks in their yards or homes because of the strong musk that they spray. Skunks like to live under porches and decks. You can help to prevent them from moving in by installing barriers around these areas. If you do have a skunk problem, you will want to trap the skunk using live traps and remove it rather than killing it. You will want to take the skunk at least five miles away from your property so that it doesn't return. It is best to call the professionals at Proven Pest Management instead of attempting to remove skunks on your own.


Raccoons are considered to be nuisance animals because they tend to move into attics and chimneys. If you have a raccoon problem, you will want to get help to remove them. Raccoons leave droppings and may chew things, causing significant damage. they also may tip over trash cans and cause other problems.

If you hear animals scampering around in your attic or see pest animals on your lawn or in your home, the best approach to ridding yourself of the pests is to get professional help. Contact the wildlife removal experts at Proven Pest Management today to obtain your free quote.