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Professional Wildlife Control Solutions For Tennessee & Mississippi

In our area, many wildlife pests carry disease that could be easily spread to your children and pets, upgrading the wildlife in your yard from a nuisance to an actual health risk. Fortunately, here at Proven Pest Management, we value your family’s safety and always put our customers first. That’s why our in our wildlife trapping and removal services, we utilize the latest technologies in wildlife control as well as Integrated Pest Management (IPM) products to help protect your home and property from these unwanted guests. 

Our Quality Wildlife Control Services

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1. Wildlife Trapping Services

At Proven Pest Management, we prefer to take a preventative approach to pest control on your property, but sometimes that’s just not possible. If wildlife pests have already invaded your property, or worse, found their way into your home, then we can provide the wildlife removal solutions that you're looking for.

Our highly-trained professionals know exactly where to lay traps in order to achieve the best results. After the traps are set, your technician will return to your property on a weekly basis to check the traps unless you call them first. 
During our wildlife services, we follow a humane trap-and-release protocol, ensuring that all captured animals are returned to their natural habitat.

* Our professional wildlife control services include the removal of raccoons, squirrels, roof rats, skunks, snakes, opossums, armadillos, and more.

2. Professional Wildlife Exclusion

Proven is in our name because it’s in our track record. Tried-and-true, proven! That’s why we put a one-year warranty on our wildlife exclusion work. When you invest in our wildlife exclusion services for your home, one of our highly trained pest professionals will come to carefully inspect your property for any points of entry or conditions that are conducive to rodents or other unwanted animals. Once we’ve identified all potential entry points, our specialists will ensure they are sealed off. After your service has been completed, we'll check up on these protective measures periodically to ensure that you and your family won't have to deal with these unwanted visitors in the future.

3. Sanitation Services

When rodents and other wildlife pests invade, they typically stay hidden away in the attic, basement, or walls of your home, so seeing them isn’t necessarily a large problem in many cases, but their droppings are. These pests sure to leave behind plenty of waste, and who wants to clean that up? Not only that, it can actually be dangerous!
Once we've set up preventative measures around your property and have returned all unwanted pests to their homes (which we'll ensure isn’t your home), we then clean up any droppings that remain. Also, if you’ve got droppings on your property, but you haven’t seen any pests, this is a sure sign of an infestation, and it’s worth giving us a call. We'll visit your residence and determine exactly which rodents and wildlife are running around within your fences, and develop a plan to make sure your problem is taken care of. 

The Trusted Wildlife Control Experts, Proven Pest Management!

If you're in need of professional wildlife control for your home or business, you can count on the wildlife professionals here at Proven Pest Management. With our services, we can remove the animals from your home as well as seal potential entry points to prevent them from returning. For more information, contact Proven Pest Management!


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