Termite Control

termitesTermites can be hiding in any home without the owners knowing they are there. These pests are attracted to cellulose-based materials, which are present in most homes. Termites can cause expensive damage to property and particularly to furniture, wood panels, wooden shelves, books, and even house foundations. In some cases, the structural damage they can cause is extremely serious.

If you suspect that termites have entered your house, and especially if you see evidence of their presence, be sure and call us as our termite protection plan is efficient and effective. Only professionals like us who know the best means of controlling and combating them should treat termite infestations.

Our termite experts at Proven Pest Management will inspect your home thoroughly to determine whether your furniture or fittings have been damaged. If we find evidence of termites, we will treat the area and repair any wood that has been damaged by them. We offer a one-year guarantee that the termites will not return.

Now is a good time to call as we are at present offering a $195 termite protection plan that will ensure that your home will be termite free.