Roof Rat Removal in Olive Branch, MS

ratSome areas of the country are more prone to roof rat problems than others. Collierville, Tennessee, is one of these places, but Proven Pest Management is here to help. We want to make sure that your property is safe from these pests. One way that we can is informing you about them and how we eliminate their presence.

What Roof Rats Look Like

Roof rats can grow up to 12 inches long, and that's just their main bodies. Some people mistake them for squirrels because of their size and black, brown or gray color. However, their scaly, hairless tails, which are longer than their bodies, are the defining trait. They even differentiate roof rats from other rodents.

Common Regions and Living Spaces

These rodents arrived in North America on early sailing ships from European countries. Their presence is most prominent in the lower half of the East Coast and Gulf States. However, their ability to hitchhike on shipping trucks and trains has brought them to the greater Memphis area, which is a major national distribution center.

No matter which state that they call home, roof rats tend to live in high places such as vine-covered fences and trees. They prefer living near streams and along riverbanks. However, residential and commercial properties with plenty of vegetation are also attractive shelters. They tend to settle in the upper floors and attics of buildings.

Sometimes roof rats live in rice fields, farm buildings, industrial sites, and citrus or sugarcane groves. They've even been found in sewer systems, but it's rare.

Why They're Attracted to Your Property

Food and shelter are the driving forces behind where roof rats settle. One reason why they could be attracted to your home or business is the landscaping. Your property could be attractive if it has a lot of vegetation, a nearby water source, or tree limbs and power lines that hang over the roof.

For food, roof rats prefer a wide variety of nuts and fruits but also eat native and ornamental plants. Despite that, they'll eat almost anything when they have to. For instance, they consume food waste and feed for farm animals and pets. Because of that, they can be attracted to your property if you leave out trash or animal food.

The Hazards of a Roof Rat Infestation

Roof rats are a risk to human health and safety because they damage property and carry diseases. For instance, they can cause fires if they chew through wires. The rodents can also tear up drywall and insulation. If they die in your walls, their bodies eventually emit a foul odor.

Furthermore, the rats transmit diseases through contaminated droppings, infected fleas, bites and physical contact. Some examples include the plague, trichinosis and hantavirus pulmonary syndrome.

How Proven Pest Management Can Help

If you hear crawling around in your upper floor walls or attic at night, you could have roof rats. We can detect and eliminate the pests so that you and your property are safe.

At Proven Pest Management, we begin roof rat control by looking for visual signs of the pests. These include droppings, nests and grease marks from their oily fur. Upon confirming an infestation, we'll set traps and repellents to get rid of them. Then, we'll seal all of the cracks and holes around your property to prevent more from getting inside. It's also important to trim back shrubs and overhanging tree limbs, tightly cover outdoor trash and keep animal food in tightly closed storage containers.

Don't hesitate to call Proven Pest Management for roof rat control. Contact us for a free quote today.