Raccoon Removal

raccoonAverage Size: 12 to 36 pounds. Body is 26-38 inches long, including 10-inch tail.

Signs of Their Presence

Sounds: Cries include a whistle-like tremolo, hisses, soft grunts, barks, growls, and "churr-churr" noise while feeding. When attacked, the cry is a piercing cascade of snarling screams. The young are quite noisy, their chatters are easily heard in Mid-South homes, and are often mistaken for birds. Raccoons can make a lot of noise when they lumber around in your attic.

Tracks: Flatfooted, like people, so the track is big for the animal's size. The length and width of the front paw is about equal, which is approximately 2 inches long. The hind paw is much longer than it is wide, about 3 1/4 - 4 1/4 inches long; described as "a minia-turehuman footprint with abnormally long toes."

Scat: Likely found at the base of trees, on logs, big rocks, woodpiles, or other prominences (such as the roof). The scat often shows what they've been eating and can give clues about what is attracting the raccoons to the home.

Building Damage: Black smudges on the walls or downspouts, bent gutters, holes in the siding or boards torn off, damaged soffits or louvers, damaged insulation, and odors.