Termite Damage

Hardwood Floor Damage

termite-damageThis 2x4 was found under the hardwood floor in a Germantown, TN home. We don't have any idea why it was there, but the termites sure loved it.

After the hardwood floor in this Bartlett, TN home was pulled up, you can see the moisture damage along with termite damage.

If you look close, you can still see the termites working. This 2x4 was left under a marble floor in a Collierville, TN home and the termites are eating away.

Drywall Damage

The termites are eating the paper off the drywall in this Memphis, TN home.

Attic Damage

Termite damage in a Memphis, TN attic.

Termite Swarmers

This is a picture of termite swarmers (alates). If you see these in your home, you have a termite issue and should give use a call right away.