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When Critters Take Residence in Your Home

Raccoons, roof rats and squirrels. Our customers in the Tennessee and Northern Mississippi areas are familiar with these pests. The unique landscape, with its mix of lush trees and mild weather, is an ideal breeding ground for these small mammals.

Unfortunately, for many homeowners, this means that one or two cute little animals roaming the yard can quickly become a health and property hazard. When present, these pests can invade your home’s structure, cause massive property damage and even present some real health concerns.

Each of these pests has their own concerns. A quick overview of why you don’t want to allow these animals to be roommates in your home follows:


raccoons can damage roof structures, soffits, insulation, drywall and siding. In addition, their waste products put your family at risk of roundworm contraction. Any raccoon latrine needs to be professionally sanitized to ensure your safety.


they can be cute, but these small mammals can damage your home’s wiring, insulation and exterior. Chewed wires present a fire risk to your structure.

Roof rats

just like squirrels, these pests will chew through wires, insulation and even exterior surfaces to gain entry. They’ll also damage your gutter drainage system and feast on your landscaping.

Like raccoons, these critters carry significant health concerns through exposure to their waste products, to include trichinosis and hantavirus. They are also known to display aggressive behaviors, bite humans and carry fleas into your property.

Proven Pest Management is proud to be able to help our customers remove these pests safely, quickly and at minimal risk. Our highly-trained, skilled pest control technicians can return your home to a nuisance-free state and help prevent re-infestation from occurring.

Do This!

  • Contact-us right away for fast removal of these animals.
  • Avoid the area in which you think these animals have nested.
  • Call a licensed contractor for a home wiring inspection to ensure your wires have not been damaged after the animals have been removed. Your home insurance may cover these fees.
  • In the event of raccoons, contact a cleaning company who can thoroughly sanitize the areas.

Do Not Do This!

  • Do not attempt to trap the animals yourself. You’re placing yourself at risk for bites and exposure to potential disease. These animals may behave aggressively if they’ve had a litter in your structure.
  • Do not attempt to clean a raccoon nest by yourself. These latrines require specialty equipment and dry heat to kill any roundworm eggs. Water or improper cleaning can make these tiny eggs airborne, exposing your family to infection through breathing them in.
  • Do not ignore the problem. Left alone, the animals will not disappear. In just one short season, a single pest infestation can increase multiple times as they breed and have litters.

We are here for you if you have any questions or need the assistance of a profesional contact us today!

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