Termites are capable of causing structural damage to homes. They are small insects that can feed on the moist wood that is found in many attics, crawlspaces, basements and other dark areas of the home. They are breeders that can form large colonies in a short amount of time, and the young termites will require a lot of fresh wood for their early stages of life. This makes the termite infestation one of the most damaging types of pest infestations that exist. Termites can cause enough property damage that the value of the home will actually decrease. In some cases, the damage can’t be repaired without exceeding the value of the property. Because of the extreme nature of this threat, termite infestations should be taken seriously at all times.

Termite Damage to the Home

Termite damage can be severe, so early detection is one key to implementing a successful program of termite control. Experts can inspect the home searching for the common signs of an infestation. This may include the small pellets that they excrete after consuming moist wood. These pellets can also be used as building materials, but many people don’t recognize this material as a form of feces. Termite fass is a product of an unusual digestive system that essentially allows them to recycle this waste material. In general, termites are dangerous pests because they are able to quickly adapt to their environment in order to survive.

There are several ways that termites are capable of causing serious damage to your home:

Proven Pest Management

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