You've spent time decorating the outside of your house for Halloween with pumpkins and other frightening displays. However, pests in the area might want to get a look at your decorations as well, making some of your decorations a meal instead of simply observing them.

When you carve pumpkins, dispose of them as early as you can. Try to wait until a few days before Halloween to carve pumpkins so that they don't have a chance to rot and attract flies or other pests. Many types of flies and gnats will begin to make their homes inside the pumpkins you carve and will start to eat the inside.

Avoid using decorations that might look like a nest to animals. Consider putting reflective decorations up outside because some pests don't like shiny objects and will avoid going near them. You can also spray the decorations and pumpkins with insect repellent to keep pests away as well.

Remove as many leaves and other debris in the yard as possible. These can be breeding grounds for pests like mosquitoes, flies, and even larger pests like rodents. If you keep these items away from your home and keep your lawn manicured in the fall, then you can keep pests and rodents from getting inside your home.

A fun thing that you might do for Halloween is to have a party with friends and family or get candy to hand out to kids who come to visit. Don't throw foods outside or empty containers that have had food in them. These will attract pests that will want to stay around and get more food from you.

If you have a party on your carport or in the yard, don't leave food uncovered. Pests have a good sense of smell and can detect scents that you might not think that they can from a long distance. When you take foods back inside, keep them in sealed containers so that any pests that are in the home won't be attracted to them. If you do see any pests in your home, you can contact Proven Pest Management to come and eliminate them.