At your Memorial Day barbeque, food, fun and guests should be the main attractions. Homeowners who fail to prepare their yards for a big party, however, may discover that mosquitoes have crashed the event. With a little preparation ahead of time, you can make your yard unfriendly to these annoying pests.

Remove Water Sources

Mosquitoes need plentiful water in order to survive and breed; most stages of their life cycle occur in water. An unkempt yard typically offers many sources of water for mosquitoes. In the weeks before your big barbeque, spend some time in your yard looking for places where bugs might congregate. For example, a bucket full of stagnant water is likely to be a popular watering hole for pests. Be careful about overwatering plants and the lawn; too much water will invite mosquitoes to check out your yard.

Trim Back Hiding Spots

Overgrown vegetation invites mosquitoes to hang out in your yard while they wait for their next meal. Big leaves and thick undergrowth offers welcome shade and moist conditions to these pests during the hottest part of the day. Vegetation also provides free meals to adult mosquitoes when they aren't looking for a human to bite. Mowing your lawn frequently and cutting back plants near your barbeque area can cut down on free housing for mosquitoes. When you're done with your yard cleanup, dispose of the vegetation properly instead of leaving it in the yard for the pests to enjoy.

Grow Defensive Plants

Mosquitoes have discerning tastes and can't stand the smell of certain plants. If you want to add more color to your yard, look for flowering plants that mosquitoes avoid, such as marigolds, geraniums and lavender. There are many non-flowering options as well, including peppermint and rosemary.

Use Fans to Move the Air

Placing a ceiling fan above your party area is a great way to keep mosquitoes away from your group. Mosquitoes aren't known for their strength, so moving air can help keep them away from your guests. Pedestal and desk fans can also be effective if placed strategically around your party.

Protect Your Food

The delicious smells of a barbecue meal are too much for mosquitoes and other pests to ignore. During the barbecue, be smart about where you place the food. If you have the space, try to eat inside the house. Don't leave food unattended while you're mingling with your guests; covering your food can stop pests from getting too close.

Although there are plenty of methods homeowners can use to keep mosquitoes away from their Memorial Day barbecue, it can be difficult to completely eliminate these pests. If you need help dealing with a persistent mosquito invasion, contact Proven Pest Management today.