Many homeowners have had the unfortunate surprise of leaving their house in the morning only to find their garbage scattered across the lawn due to a midnight visitor. Even though this happens more in rural areas, this is a common enough cause in the suburbs and even in some urban neighborhoods that it’s important for homeowners no matter where they live to know how to prevent this from happening. Here are some tips and tricks that can help keep your garbage raccoon- and vermin-free.

Get a Locking Trash Can

Your best bet is to simply put your trash in a can that is secured and lockable. Many trash cans on the market come with the ability to lock down the lid. Metal cans work better than plastic cans for this -- over time, plastic can be chewed through, which sort of defeats the purpose of locking the garbage down in the first place. However, many trash services require the use of specific garbage bins, so buying something like this might not be an option.

Weigh Down the Lid

If you can’t lock the lid, you can at least make it harder to get into by weighing it down with something heavy, like a brick or concrete block.

Wash It Out

Vermin are attracted to your garbage mainly because of its smell, so eliminating those odors can be a big help. Washing your garbage can regularly will get rid of some of the worst smells that build up over time. Of course, it doesn’t matter how clean your trash can is -- the garbage you put in there is going to smell all on its own. Still, a cleaner can will help control the odors a great deal, which will help keep those vermin away.

Use Motion-Detecting Lights

Raccoons and other vermin are naturally skittish and afraid of being discovered, so turning on some lights can help drive them back. Rather than stand by the garbage, waiting to turn the lights on yourself, let technology do the work and have them turn on automatically when movement is detected.

Use a Raccoon Repellent

You might not even know this stuff exists, but there are commercially available repellents that can help keep pests away. If you don’t want to use something with a lot of potentially harmful chemicals, there are natural solutions as well, including sprinkling cayenne pepper around the can.

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