The best living environment for squirrels is a forested habitat because they like to chew the bark off of trees. They also like to eat seeds and tree cones. When they invade residential areas, they don't put their eating and chewing habits on pause. Because of that, squirrels can cause some serious damage to your home.

Roofs and Siding

If the branches of trees in your yard spread over your roof, squirrels can gain access to the roof too. They can chew holes into the eaves, fascia boards, soffits and vents. Then, the rodents can crawl through the holes and make your attic their home.

Having squirrels in your attic can lead to health problems because they leave waste behind. Since some species are active at night, their noise may prevent you from sleeping too.

You might also see claw marks on the siding of your home if squirrels try to scale it. They can even chew holes through it. Also, deck railings aren't safe from their gnawing jaws, and neither is any outdoor wooden furniture that you have.

Baseboards and Insulation

When squirrels find a way into your home, they can leave scratch marks on your baseboards. These come from the pests moving from one area of your home to another. In the meantime, they chew on the wooden beams that support your structure.

Like other rodents, squirrels also love to keep warm in building insulation. Since they move around in it so much, they end up piling, pushing and trampling it. Then your insulation can no longer do its job: keep your home at a comfortable temperature. The resulting mess is difficult to clean because droppings, food scraps and other germs hide within it.

Electrical Equipment

The chewing habit that squirrels have isn't limited to wood or similarly soft materials. While they're in your house, they'll gnaw on any electrical wires that they come across. This can lead to electrical fires, shorted out transformers and damaged HVAC systems. They can even short out the wires that power your appliances and lighting. Needless to say, this damage can be very expensive to repair.

Plants and Trees

Your lawn is an important part of your home too, and squirrels can cause a lot of problems for it. They dig holes in the ground to bury nuts and seeds, which can demolish any gardening that you've done. They also chew bark and twigs, which can cause unsightly damage to landscaping bushes and trees. In addition, they can wreck bird feeders as they climb up and feast on the birdseed inside.

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