Bed bugs are bad news for any homeowner. These blood-sucking parasites can make it virtually impossible for you to get a good night’s sleep. They can also cause a number of health issues for your family, including allergy and asthma flare-ups. While bed bugs are known for taking refuge underneath mattresses, it’s not uncommon to spot them in other areas of your home. Here are five surprising places you can find bed bugs.

Inside Electrical Outlets

Believe it or not, bed bugs will take cover inside of an electrical outlet. The tight space gives them a strong sense of security. Because the bed bugs are so well hidden, many homeowners fail to even notice them. Bedroom outlets are especially prone to housing bed bugs. These insects realize that a blood meal is only a few inches away. There's a good chance you could become their next victim.

Library Books

Although bed bugs have no interest in reading, they will use library books as a hiding place. This is especially true for old books that have been on the shelf for a long time. While tucked away inside the book, bed bugs will lay eggs along the spines. Once you bring the book back home, it’s only a matter of time before these insects crawl into your bed.


If your child happens to have a toy box, you should definitely inspect it for bed bugs. Stuffed animals are a big attraction. Bed bugs can also be found inside of plastic and wooden toys. In order to keep your child from having an allergic reaction, you will need to clean the toys.


Today, virtually everyone now has a cellphone. Whether you’re making a quick run to the supermarket or lounging in the bed watching a movie, your cellphone is probably with you. While you’re resting at night, bed bugs can easily crawl into the device. Be especially careful when visiting hotels. You don’t want any bed bugs to hitch a ride back home. Remember, laptop computers and electronic tablets can also harbor bed bugs.

Behind Portraits

Like a lot of people, you probably have pictures of your family members hung on the wall. Unfortunately, bed bugs can hide behind the frames. Paintings are just as inviting.

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